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World Wide Sweeping

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Parking lots

World Wide Sweeping helps you make a great impression on your clients by presenting your parking lot/structure in a flawless and orderly condition as it is often the first thing a customer sees upon entering your area of business. The appearance of your parking lot or structure has a direct impact on your facility as a whole. Parking lot sweeping services assist you in maintaining a clean and professional image of your facility.

World Wide Sweeping

Why maintain your parking lot or structure regularly?

  • It will eliminate hazardous debris
  • Eliminate potential pedestrian accidents
  • Lower your insurance rate due to reduced accidents (slip and fall)
  • Increase the value of the facility
  • Create a clean and safe environment

Our commercial and retail parking lot power sweeping services cover:

  • Shopping malls
  • Strip centers
  • Apartment buildings
  • Office & industrial parks
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Commercial parking garages
  • Mobile home parks


We provide condo and apartment cleaning and sweeping. Grit, gravel, gum, trash, and fine debris left behind can wreak havoc on your pavement. Over time, debris are grounded into the pavement by passing vehicles, creating a wedge that breaks down the surface and creates additional surface problems.

Removing fine debris regularly will extend the life of your investment and save you asphalt repair costs in the future. A proactive sweeping program will extend the life of your pavement, decrease future repair costs, and give your property a clean look for an ideal first impression.

Benefits of keeping your parking structure for your apartment complex clean.

World Wide Sweeping
  • A positive first impression for potential residents
  • Eliminate potential pedestrian accidents
  • Promotes cleaner living practices for current residents
  • Increase the value of the facility

Office Buildings

Personalized Cleaning Service

In Los Angeles, image is everything. Your office is the heart of your business. It represents the hard work you’ve invested in keeping your customers and employees satisfied. We understand that every office is different. But every office starts with a parking lot!

Not every client has the same needs, and we tailor our cleaning packages to meet those needs. We’re here to listen.


We all know that useful help is hard to find. We pride ourselves on being the useful help that you’ve been looking for. Our company has been in business for well over ten years. During that time, we have helped hundreds of clients become satisfied customers. Making customers happy is how we’ve built the experience that makes us a Los Angeles industry standard.

What does that experience mean? We have experience with all types of office, surface, and schedule. We believe in quick, efficient cleaning. We know our customers choose us because we have a reputation for being reliable. We’re not a fly by night maid service. We build relationships with our customers for years. They come to depend on us and recommend us to their colleagues who are looking for similar services.

Malls and Plazas

Parking areas are where potential customers derive a‘first impression’. The way the area looks has a lot to do with how the image of the whole operation is projected and perceived. If the maintenance of the exteriors is shoddy, then potential customers might perceive the entire mall or plaza to lack basic cleanliness or efficiency.

Shopping centers are finding maintenance market share to be an increasingly competitive proposition. It’s virtually impossible to develop or retain the desired competitive edge if the grounds on the exterior of the business are unkempt. Even the most beautiful landscaping project is negated by a parking area that is cluttered with debris.

Also, when parking areas are clean, shoppers are much less likely to litter themselves.